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How to proceed in the event that Condom Breaks During Sex

How to proceed in the event that Condom Breaks During Sex

A doctor’s guide

“The first thing we state when someone informs me their condom broke is: ‘Great, you’re utilizing a condom,’” says Christine Brennan, a exercising clinician and connect teacher of wellness policy at LSU’s class of Public wellness in get a latin wife brand brand New Orleans.

She runs on the automobile analogy to explain the specific situation of the condom breaking, dubbing it a fender bender. Which means that you have to proactively deal with the “potential issues of secretory transmission. although it’s most likely not a large deal,” meaning if some body comes inside of you once you were not anticipating it—even a little—you should truly just take the appropriate precautions to make certain you don’t contract such a thing or accidentally begin a family group.

How quickly do I need to work in case a condom breaks while I’m sex?

“Pregnancy and HIV have to be addressed within 72 hours,” Brennan says. That’s the screen of time whenever a woman may take Plan B (the morning-after supplement) to stop maternity, as soon as everyone can just simply take post-exposure prophylaxis (PEP) to avoid HIV infection. While those who do have a baby have the choice of an abortion—for now, at the least—it could be more actually and emotionally challenging than using Arrange B before a maternity starts, she adds.

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