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Bleeding after sex: must I worry? Do you know the causes that are common?

Bleeding after sex: must I worry? Do you know the causes that are common?

Many women expect you’ll bleed just a little following the time that is first have sexual intercourse.

Some women – not all – will discover they will have a small bloodstream afterwards because their hymen has torn.

But, later on to your sex life, you might be only a little worried to get some spots caused by blood, or maybe more, after you’ve done the deed.

Therefore, if you just ignore it or get into full blown panic mode?

Firstly, Dr Dan Robertson, medical officer at drive Doctor, reassures that, it’s nothing too serious while it is only natural that bleeding after sex will worry most people, in most cases.

You definitely must not ignore it and a visit to see your GP ought to be the next end.

Dr Dan stated: ‘For females, prospective factors consist of genital dryness, as an example, you’re not fully aroused or after the menopause if you have sex when.

‘It might be polyps, non-cancerous lumps, within the vagina or swelling or an ectropion for the cervix.

‘Another common cause is sexually transmitted infections such as for instance chlamydia.

‘If left untreated these could result in pelvic inflammatory illness, a possibly severe condition that may result in serious health insurance and fertility problems.

‘It’s extremely uncommon that bleeding after intercourse will soon be an indication of cervical cancer tumors, however it’s absolutely well worth getting checked out by a health care provider to rule every thing away and provide your self satisfaction.’

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